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About Us

ICT Intelligence has emerged out of the frustration of IT companies overselling and over complicating information, communication and technology, without delivering the promised business results and return on investment.
Our advantage over our competitors is our flexibility and understanding towards our customers. As well as our vast experience in consolidating information, communication and technology intelligence into a single strategic layer in order for organizations to make accurate and informed business decisions without the lengthy delays associated to the three traditional silo environments.
Our target market is any company who holds a degree of complexity with information, communication and technology. We have experience in the banking, telco, retail, insurance, mining and government industry. ICT Intelligence is locally based and therefore understands the South African market in all its complexities. We do not prescribe to our customers but jointly build a trusted partnership for criteria to be met and solutions to be provided within budget and with the correct business outcome.
ICT Intelligence is committed to bring international ideas into the South African market. We follow best practices, proven methodologies and industry frameworks that are relevant to our customer's needs. We transfer skills and knowledge to our customers during our engagements. This maximizes on our customer's investment and its sustainability.
We are passionate about delivering real value to our customers that ensure that they meet their business strategies and objectives speedily.


Our vision is to constantly lead with innovative skills, technologies and services that our clients can depend upon to improve worker efficiency and business results.


Our mission is to keep offering and supporting our customers with reliable technologies and solutions to help them stay at the competitive edge of their businesses.

Business Engagement Model

We operate a customer-centric business model focused on specific market segments with national representation through a direct channel. We employ dedicated key account management teams per leading industry sector thereby providing strategic clients, with specialist knowledge and expertise.
We understand the enabling effect of People, Process and Technology on business being critical to crafting and implementing sound business solutions. ICT Intelligence also manages and drives the implementation of solutions to ensure and guarantee success through tested and industry aligned methodologies and frameworks.
A key element of our approach especially in regard to our customer engagements is leveraging existing technology investments wherever possible, maximising synergies across the enterprise, and is based on the principles of standardisation, consolidation, optimization and therefore sustainability by effective cost saving.

Our Services

Our integrated strategy focuses on the delivery of business benefit solutions. With extensive experience, right breed technology, coupled with the right methodologies and principles, we deliver the value business expects. We reduce risks, costs and make the necessary recommendations on identified gaps within the client's environment by providing these services:

  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Implementation and execution
  • Support services

In the following areas:

  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • ICT Intelligence
  • Data and Information Security
  • Data and Information Archiving
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data and Information Governance



The transformation journey at ICT Intelligence is a key focus area for the management team. We are committed to continuous and sustainable transformation. Our business values align with the moral business obligation to up-skill, train and develop future leaders in South Africa. This is the core of our transformation strategy.
Skill Development and Corporate Social Investment
Our training and development programme aims to improve the current skills shortages in the Information, Communication and Technology space. The programme has been developed specifically for individuals from a previously disadvantaged background. These individuals are given the practical experience, training and mentorship to be successful in the ICT environment. ICT Intelligence is passionate about South Africa and making a real difference in people's lives. To this end we are actively engaged with the community to see where we can add value and assistance.

Ethics and Governance

ICT Intelligence subscribes to a stringent code of ethics that governs business conduct and relationships between the company, its customers and suppliers. The board of directors regards corporate governance as fundamental to the success of the company's business and is unreservedly committed to applying the principles of good corporate governance in its management of the company. All the key principles underlying the King III Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct as well as the companies act are reflected in the corporate governance structures.

Our People

Multi-skilled, multi-talented, ambitious and passion are how we would describe the individuals that make up our business. Our clients can attest to the fact that the ICT Intelligence difference lies in its people, with specialist skills, expert experience, and being committed to integrity, our staff are the foundation. We attract people who share our values, and encourage our employees to further their training and achieve their full potential, as well as develop long-term career paths within our organisation. Our people reflect the full diversity of a truly South African organisation. As a team we are committed to excellence and building partnerships with our clients that reflect the same values we share within our company.