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Master Data Management

What Is Master Data Management?

A discipline that provides a consistent understanding of master data entities, and their relationships.

A set of practices and processes designed to accommodate, control and manage change.

The creation of a single, accurate and unified view of corporate data, integrating information from various data sources into one master record. This master data is then used to feed information back to the applications, creating a consistent view of information across the enterprise.

1. Revenue

  • Identify cross-sell, up-sell opportunities
  • Customise product offerings and bundles
  • Introduce new products quickly
  • Identify high value customers
  • Improve customer retention


2. Agility/Strategic Initiative

  • Consolidate data silos/Integrate new systems quickly
  • Meet demands of new business channels
  • Grow with the business
  • Identify key relationships and hierarchies


3. Cost

  • Automate manual business processes
  • Reduce data errors
  • Eliminate excess mailings
  • Identify risk(credit)
  • Support system consolidation initiatives


5. Compliance

  • Reduce risk
  • Control access to data
  • Adhere to government and corporate regulations
  • Manage customer privacy preferences