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 Technical Audits

Scheduling delays in projects, performing issues new software or the questions of the viability of concepts are the most common occasions for technical audits. For its implementation we have developed a structure, scenario-based approach. This empirical study results in fast recommendation.

  • How were the requirements structured?
  • How are they represented in the systems architecture? Is it sustainable?
  • Have the current errors and technical shortcomings been eliminated without major intervention in the current software architecture?
  • Is high quality, efficient maintenance and further development of the application possible?

These and similar questions are typical of technical audits. We consider not only the source code, the interaction of the architecture components, the interface or structure and connection to the database, but our interest is also the ICT section concepts, the development process and documentation.

The final audit report and the management presentation always contain recommendation for action and an estimate of the necessary expenses.