Adopt Big Data

Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

ICT Intelligence drives digital transformations within businesses. As the increase and complexity of data evolves, agility and speed, together with accuracy, needs to be a fundamental part of your digital transformation architecture. Why? Because business needs solutions that provide the outputs critical to their success. More strain will be placed on the ability to gain timeous and actionable insight from data to enable the organisation to gain market advantage. This market edge will become increasingly harder to sustain. Organisations will need to capitalize by implementing actionable insights gained from ingested data, producing new revenue streams, resulting in competitive advantage. To get greater value, organisations need to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, not as a project, but as a continuous process that includes a range of stakeholders and a repeatable set of steps, including feedback loops that engender constant improvement.

ICT Intelligence brings AI and Machine Learning, data and people together in a centralized environment, enabling and guiding both business and IT stakeholders to take part in transforming insight into action.

ICT Intelligence empowers organisations to move through a maturity module driving advanced analytics with AI and Machine Learning. The journey begins by helping business owners define the problem they’d like to solve. Through the solution’s, AI and Machine Learning engine, data transformation and modeling capabilities are produced. They enable advanced analytics to be run quickly and efficiently, on scalable volumes of data. Furthermore, ICT Intelligence, operationalize and integrate AI and Machine Learning assets by extending outputs directly into existing business user workflows and endpoint applications. Therefore, resulting in action. ICT Intelligence provides a collaborative environment that engages both business and IT stakeholders in the AI and Machine Learning process for a greater measure of success.

The solution is designed to help business owners define their advanced analytics objectives, in terms that can be translated into machine learning models, and to organise the processes and people that need to come together to deploy a successful solution. The solution provides standard proven algorithms for regression, classification, clustering, and a simple-to-deploy, drag and drop environment. Empowering organisations to build and operationalize AI and Machine Learning models quickly and with limited IT involvement.

Deploying an AI and Machine Learning solution through ICT Intelligence, for advanced analytics will ensure that the organisation will have a competitive edge to market with the ability to drive additional revenue streams to increase profitability with agility and sustainably.