Adopt Big Data

Big Data and
Information Integration

As more demand is placed on business to provide innovation together with thought leadership to increase revenue, there is a call for innovative solutions to be implemented in order to obtain these goals. Business cannot deliver new insight or forefront offerings with existing methodologies, processes and technology.

The explosion of data growth has provided organisations with the challenge of storing, managing and deriving value from a historically undervalued asset. Business can derive value from previously unseen opportunities if the right data is surfaced at the right time with more efficiency. The potential for transformation with insights from data spans every industry. For many early adopters, data is already reshaping their business, whether through new discoveries, improved products and services or better customer experience overall.

ICT Intelligence helps businesses derive value from the complex data and information spread across their systems. Our methodology is a process that profiles, cleanses, integrates and delivers trusted information from the heterogeneous sources to drive greater business insight faster and at a low cost.

Big Data and Information
Management Platform
  • Will provide your business an agile, comprehensive, unified foundation for enterprise information management with simplified scalability at lower cost to manage your internal and external and future data requirements.
  • Delivers metadata-driven integration, providing breakthrough productivity and flexibility for integrating and enriching information.
  • Offers data governance capabilities to ensure consistent and accurate delivery of information for greater trust and compliance with the information-centric regulations and requirements.
  • Accelerates time-to-value with proven, industry-aligned solutions and expertise combined with consistent, trusted data and information.
  • Provides the broadest and deepest connectivity to information across diverse sources, for example structured, unstructured, mainframe, and application sources.