Adopt Big Data

Business Analytics

ICT Intelligence offers a business analytics solution to fulfill the promise of the value that data and information provides business. Allowing the business to access all pertinent performance data, regardless of platform, and deliver the resulting information and analysis to all appropriate users, regardless of location.

Business Analytics opens windows into all your corporate systems and data. Analytics system managers, professional authors, business analysts, line of business managers, executives, and casual users can all find value through these multiple windows. We can help your organisation to deliver great value to all your users with an enterprise analytics visualization platform – making it simpler, faster, and easier to manage.

ICT Intelligence helps evolve organisations from traditional Business Intelligence (BI) practices to more advanced analytics (predictive and prescriptive) that enable actionable insights through the adoption of Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We enhance this capability by integrating additional internal and external data sources, using data science methodologies to maximize business value.